Ukrainian def min wants to reform military enlistment offices- report
Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov. Photo: EPA

The Ukrainian defence ministry has drafted a comprehensive reform of military enlistment offices, in an attempt to engage more people in the army as Russia’s gruelling full-scale invasion nears two years.

According to Forbes Ukraine, the defence ministry developed a concept for reforming military enlistment offices with the help of business analysts back in June.

A 16-page presentation details problems of military enlistment offices and ways to solve them. Those include, in particular, ways in which people are registered as conscripts, pre-selected, notified of being called up, and mobilised.

The concept suggests that there will be several criteria for evaluating conscripts, such as “protection of rights and freedoms during mobilisation”; “fairness”; “quality, quantity and anti-corruption”.

It also lists issues with the preliminary selection of military personnel, including manual data processing, and suggests automating the selection and creating a recruitment system.

The smart mobilisation that [deputy prime minister Mykhailo] Fedorov announced is his idea of recruiting drone operators. The reform being implemented by the Ministry of Defence is much more comprehensive and broader,” a former Ukrainian official told Forbes Ukraine.

“It's just that the ministry of defence is worse at making presentations.”