Russia may have intentionally fired missile near Poland border, Polish General Staff chief says
Wiesław Kukuła (photo -

Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Wiesław Kukuła, believes that Russia could have deliberately programmed the missile to cross the country's airspace, reports RMF24.

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He argues there are two options according to which everything happened: the deliberate programming of the Russian missile so that it crossed the airspace of Poland, or its deviation from the specified flight path.

"Russian missiles have relatively low accuracy, so any options are possible: both the missile was deliberately programmed in this way, and the fact that it simply deviated from a certain programmed path," said the head of the Polish General Staff.

The second option can also be taken into account, for example, due to the small depth of the violation of Polish airspace and the very short duration of this situation, Kukuła concluded.

On Sunday, Polish aircraft had to take off due to the Russian missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, after which one target crossed Polish airspace.

After the violation of the country's airspace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland said that it would demand an explanation from the Russian Federation.

The Polish military command explained that they did not shoot down the missile because "it would be risky."

On Monday, the Polish Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski, announced that he would speak with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg about this incident.