Netherlands provides Ukraine with radar, three Patriot launchers and 60 million euros for drones
Patriot launcher (Photo: General Staff of the AFU/Facebook)

The Netherlands has decided to transfer to Ukraine a radar station and three launchers for Patriot air defense systems. The state also allocated 60 million euros for the purchase of drones for Ukrainian soldiers, according to the reports of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

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According to Rutte, his country will increase its support to Ukraine to ensure the ability of the Ukrainian military to continue resisting Russian aggression.

He said that for this purpose, the Netherlands will give Ukraine a radar and three launchers for Patriot systems.

"The Netherlands is contributing a new package of €138 million for crucial energy infrastructure repairs, humanitarian aid and reconstruction initiatives by businesses. But there’s little point in reconstruction without robust armed forces," he said.

Amsterdam is currently negotiating with its allies to provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot complex, said the premier.

Also, the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands announced the allocation of 60 million euros for the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

During a visit to Kyiv on June 10, the Minister of Defense of the country Kajsa Ollongren announced that 20 million euros of the total amount will be used for the purchase of FPV drones as part of the UAV coalition.

17.5 million euros are intended for the purchase of marine drones, which Ukraine produces domestically.

"Ukraine can produce this type of drones domestically, so the Netherlands also encourages local business with this financial contribution," the message read.

Other funds will be used for bilateral supplies of drones of various types, which will also benefit the Dutch industry, its Ministry of Defense added.

On April 19, the Dutch government announced that it would allocate more than 200 million euros to Ukraine for the strengthening of air defense and the transfer of artillery ammunition.

On May 28, the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands reported that the state plans to assemble the Patriot as soon as possible and transfer it to Ukraine.

On June 3, Ollongren said that when Ukraine receives F-16 aircraft from Amsterdam, its Armed Forces will be able to use all 24 fighters to strike  targets inside Russia.

On June 7, she announced that her country would allocate 400 million euros for the production of CV90 combat vehicles for the Ukrainian army.