Officer of 3rd Brigade: Russians learning from us, no longer "uneducated bumpkins" from provinces
A Russian soldier in destroyed Avdiivka (Photo: resource of the occupiers)

The Russians are learning from the Ukrainian army, and therefore they should not be underestimated, an officer of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade named Ivan told Italian publication Corriere.

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The Russians threaten Ukraine along a 2,000 km stretch from the border with Belarus to the Black Sea, but are only advancing along a 400 km line, he said.

"But they should not be underestimated in any way, they are learning from us. Two years ago they were uneducated bumpkins from the provinces, 'cannon fodder,'" said Ivan.

He noted that the Russians are learning from past mistakes – the Ukrainian artillery lacks shells, and the enemy is taking advantage of this by attacking in small groups of 5-20 people.

"They have learned to disperse to limit losses, and they are very good at using drones, Russian state companies are building them in series. We have one drone for every ten units, they are still homemade, adapted by volunteers. But the Russians have ten drones for every one of our soldiers," the officer said.

The soldier stated that another problem is guided aerial bombs and a lack of frontline air defense.

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