Reports of Russian retreat on southern front remain unverified, says Ukrainian military
The Russian occupier (Photo: resource of the invaders)

The Russian military is conducting an information operation against Ukraine and have announced an alleged "regroupment of troops", which has not in fact been recorded yet, reported the National Resistance Center created by the Special Operations Forces with reference to local residents.

"Russian propagandists began an operation aimed at distracting the Defense Forces of Ukraine and announced the withdrawal of their troops from the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson Oblast," the agency writes.

Currently, according to information from locals, no relevant movements of Russian troops have been recorded.

"Thus, we can state that an information operation against Ukraine is currently taking place," the department explains.

Russian propagandists stated that "after assessing the situation, the command of the Dnepr grouping decided to move the troops to more advantageous positions to the east of the Dnipro."
The part of the forces released after the "regrouping" will allegedly be "used for the offensive on other axes", the Russian media outlets said.
A few minutes after this statement about the "regrouping", Russian propaganda said that the news was "cancelled as issued by mistake".
Скриншот: Центр спротиву
Screenshot: Center of resistance
The Ukrainian command has not yet confirmed the fact of the enemy's retreat in Kherson Oblast.

At the beginning of August, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence announced that it was conducting successful operations on the east bank of the occupied part of Kherson Oblast: fighters of the Shaman unit destroyed a detachment of elite rocket troops of the Russian Federation.

At the end of August, Ukrainian defenders raised the flag of Ukraine on the east bank of the Dnipro Riverw.