Poland and Germany to launch armor coalition for Ukraine
Photo: Press service of the Polish government

On March 26, Poland and Germany will launch an armor coalition for Ukraine, Polish Minister of Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz announced at a meeting with his German counterpart Boris Pistorius.

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"This is one of the most important coalitions that have been created, we are the two leading countries of this project, it has been joined by other partners such as United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy," said the Polish minister of national defense.

According to Pistorius, the armor coalition is "especially important at a time when Russia is trying every day to divide the West and undermine our unity."

He called on the allies to strengthen Ukrainian offensive and defensive capabilities in the form of shells and other weapons.

The ministers also discussed issues related to the initiative of joint procurement of ammunition by EU countries for Ukraine.

Ukraine's allies have already created several coalitions focused on building up its Air Force and information technology capabilities. The following already exist: the tank coalition, the coalition for the supply of armored personnel carriers, the coalition for demining, the association for the transfer of F-16 aircraft, which will be led by the United States, the coalition for air defense, as well as the IT coalition.