$60 billion aid to Ukraine: Republicans fear a trap for Trump
Donald Trump (Photo: JOHN MABANGLO / EPA)

The $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, under consideration in the U.S. Senate and extending support until September 2025, could potentially tie Trump's hands if he is re-elected, according to a memo from Republican Senator J.D. Vance reported by Politico.

He stated that the aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan could tie Trump's hands if he becomes president again and wishes to halt funding support for these countries. This concern arises because some of the funds' validity expires nine months after the start of the next presidential term, i.e., January 20, 2025.

Vance says this effectively restricts Trump from making independent decisions regarding spending on Ukraine.

"This clause (in the bill – ed.) is an attempt to hinder President Trump from executing his preferred policy, and if he still proceeds, it provides grounds for his impeachment and to undermine his administration. All Republicans should oppose its passage," he wrote.

Politico highlighted that Vance is among the most outspoken opponents of aid to Ukraine and is making a final attempt to block the legislation before a crucial vote on Monday to end debates on the foreign aid plan, which requires 60 votes.

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