Cooperation with Ukraine 'inevitable', Israeli envoy says

28.08.2023, 13:36
Cooperation with Ukraine 'inevitable', Israeli envoy says - Photo
Mikhail Brodsky (Photo: Embassy of Israel in Ukraine)

Cooperation between Ukraine and Israel is "inevitable", Israel's ambassador to Ukraine, Michael Brodsky, said in an interview with the newspaper Jewish Observer.

According to him, cooperation between Israel and Ukraine "will inevitably happen".

"Because today's Israeli experience is unique for Ukraine. Israel is a country that is under constant military threat, but has managed to develop and become strong – both economically and militarily. This experience will undoubtedly be in demand in Ukraine," explained Brodsky.

The diplomat noted that he "sees very good prospects for cooperation."

"And now, and especially after the war, within the framework of all future projects related to the restoration of Ukraine," the diplomat emphasized.

About 10% of arriving Ukrainians are deported at Israeli airports. They are forced to go through humiliating procedures, ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk told

According to Kyiv Post's source in the NSDC, Ukraine also allegedly wants to exclude Israel from the Ramstein format.'s source in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense did not confirm this information.

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