Putin to lead Russia until at least 2030, German ambassador says health not an issue
Volodymyr Putin (Photo: EPA)

German Ambassador to Russia Alexander Lambsdorff, said on the ARD channel that dictator Volodymyr Putin is not going to negotiate with Ukraine and will continue to fightonly important and verified news

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According to him, Putin has "just reaffirmed his war goals, he is not willing to negotiate at all."

"There is also no indication that Putin will change his stance after the presidential election in March 2024," Lambsdorff said.

He "currently does not recognize" any fault lines in Putin’s system. He also "didn’t see any indication" that Putin "could not be doing well" in terms of health.

According to Russian domestic laws, the term of office of the head of state is six years. "Elections" in the aggressor country are scheduled for March 2024.

He noted that he did not see any signs that Putin had health problems.

The diplomat supported the further strengthening of sanctions against Russia, but admitted that they are "not a light switch".

"You don't activate a sanction and at the same time change the behavior of the sanctioned side." Sanctions are there to increase the costs of a certain behavior. And that's proven to happen," he summarized.

Ombudsman of Ukraine Lubinets told how the Russian military is conducting pseudo-elections: they are handing out Russian passports before the "vote" and armed people are making sure that Ukrainians tick the box for Putin's United Russia party.

Ukrainian partisans blew up a car, killed and wounded the occupiers who were transporting "ballots" for the pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka.

In Zaporizhzhia, drones of the Security Service of Ukraine hit a pseudo-election headquarters with filled ballots. Another one arrived at a "polling station" in Berdiansk.