Russia launching missiles produced in May-June 2023, military expert says

18.08.2023, 12:27
Russia launching missiles produced in May-June 2023, military expert says - Photo
Consequences of Russia's attack on the Meteor sports complex in Dnipro (photo - Serhii Lysak)

The Russian military is using missiles manufactured in May-June 2023 during their attacks on Ukraine, the director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Oleksandr Ruvin, told Radio Liberty.

"Recently, missiles produced in May-June 2023 have been launched at us. That is, they are already launching them directly from the assembly line. The stocks are already running out. It is surprising that there is no longer, probably, an opportunity to buy scarce blocks for them, which are used for missiles, as they are soldered manually. We can already see that this is not an assembly line. They can no longer produce them in the same quantity as they did," he notes.

Ruvin Adds that the Russian Federation may still receive foreign components for missiles: "We see that the schemes and other things are foreign. They still somehow get them in."

According to him, the Russian Federation also received schemes for weapons from the United States and United Kingdom as of March and April 2023.

During the night attack on August 15, the Russian occupiers, in particular, used Kh-101 missiles, which contain about 30 foreign microcircuits, the head of the President's Office said. He also stated that Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters contain high-tech components from the West and Asian countries.

The Air Force spokesman said that Russia uses foreign components to produce not only missiles and drones, but also new helicopters and warplanes.

According to the McFaul-Yermak sanctions group, the majority of legal entities and individuals involved in the production of Russian Lancet kamikaze drones are not under sanctions.

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