Russian missile attack targets energy facilities across several Ukrainian regions, two TPPs damaged
TPP Illustrative image (Photo: DTEK)

Overnight, Russian troops attacked energy infrastructure facilities in four regions of Ukraine, announced the Minister of Energy German Halushchenko.

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Generation facilities and transmission systems in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Lviv and Kyiv oblasts were attacked. Energy experts are already working on eliminating the consequences.

DTEK stated that two of the company's thermal power plants were under fire, and the equipment of the enterprises was seriously damaged.

After the end of the attack, the power industry began to eliminate the consequences and restore the operation of the equipment. There were no casualties, DTEK noted.

In Kyiv Oblast, a fire is being extinguished at a critical infrastructure facility that was attacked by drones and missiles at night. So far, no information has been received about the casualties.

Overnight on April 11, an air raid alert was declared throughout Ukraine due to Russia's attack using kamikaze drones and missiles.

Russia used the MiG-31K as the launches of the Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles were recorded. The Air Force reported the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missile in the direction of Rivne, Kyiv, western regions and Lviv.

On the morning of April 11, during a massive Russian attack on the regions of Ukraine, explosions rang out in Kharkiv. There problems with energy supply in the city, the subway in the city will not work for the next few hours, in general, the enemy has struck about 10 blows on the critical infrastructure of the city.