Russia launches missiles: explosions in Poltava
Illustrative photo - ERA

On April 23, Russia again fired missiles at Ukraine, causing explosions in Poltava, as reported by local citizens on social media.

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At 14:57, the Air Force detected a Russian missile in the Sumy Oblast moving toward the Poltava Oblast. At 15:01, another missile was detected in the same direction by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Around 15:06, Poltava citizens reported explosions.

At 15:15 the all-clear signal was given in the Poltava Oblast.

UPDATED AT 15:44. The head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration, Filip Pronin, reported that the enemy attacked the Poltava Oblast – the sound of the explosion was heard within the Poltava community. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties or injuries.

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