Russian missile damages power lines near Poltava: Tens of thousands without power
Consequences of the attack (Photo: Poltava Regional Prosecutor's Office)

A Russian missile strike on the Poltava region damaged power lines, the head of the Poltava regional military administration, Philip Pronin, reported.

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He noted that the attack resulted in power outages for 53,000 residential and 2,400 commercial consumers.

Emergency crews are already working to quickly restore power, assured Pronin.

Nine people were injured in the attack on civilian infrastructure. There are no reported fatalities at this time.

At 14:04, the Air Force warned of a Russian missile headed for the cities of Poltava and Myrhorod.

UPDATE AT 16:40: The number of injured has increased to 12, including two children. Three people have been hospitalized, Pronin reported.

UPDATE AT 19:40: The Office of the Prosecutor General reported that the Russian missile strike on Poltava injured 16 people, including two children. Six people have been hospitalized. Several apartment buildings, a kindergarten, power lines, and garages were damaged.

Preliminary reports indicate that the Russians struck civilian infrastructure with a Kh-59 missile.

UPDATE AT 21:37: Pronin reported that 22 people sought medical help, including three children, with one child hospitalized. Eight adults are also receiving inpatient treatment.

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