SBU drones hit two oil depots in Russia's Tambov Oblast, Adygea Republic – source
SBU Illustrative image (Photo: SBU)

Drones of the SBU Security Service of Ukraine hit the fuel and lubricant warehouse of Tambovnefteprodukt JSC and the Enemskaya oil depot of Lukoil, an informed source told

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According to the sourcec, these facilities processed and stored raw materials and finished products, which later went to the needs of the Russian army. After a series of SBU drone strikes, fires started at both facilities.

The interlocutor claims that SBU strikes on enterprises that work on Russia's military industry reduce the resources that the enemy can use to wage war and force the Russian Federation to spend on infrastructure restoration.

"This is an additional burden on the Russian budget, which is already burdened by sanctions and other economic challenges. The Service will continue to work in this direction," he noted.

In total, SBU drones have already carried out almost three dozen successful attacks on assets of the Russian oil complex in various regions, the interlocutor added.

On the morning of June 20, Russia reported an attack by drones, as a result of which the Lukoil oil depot in the village of Enem in the Republic of Adygea was probably hit. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the alleged downing of several drones over the regions.

Russian propagandists said that on the afternoon of June 2 in the town of Ukhta of the Republic of Komi, an explosion rang out near the Lukoil oil refinery. Subsequently, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations published a photo of the damaged tank and reported fatalities.

On June 18, the governor of Russia's Rostov Oblast announced an alleged drone attack on the region. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that a tank with petroleum products caught fire.