US Senate fails vote on border security and Ukraine aid bill
The US Senate (Photo - EPA)

The US Senate has failed a procedural vote on a draft law providing for aid to Israel and Ukraine and strengthening control measures on the southern border of the United States, reported CNN.

During the voting, supporters failed to secure the necessary 60 votes, with 49 votes in favor and 50 opposed.

The package provided for the allocation of $118 billion, including $60 billion for Ukraine, as well as immigration reform, which was demanded by Republicans.

The blocking of the bill by the Republicans in the Senate was expected due to the corresponding position of the 45th US president Donald Trump and the top Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Speaker Mike Johnson.

Now, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is expected to take a procedural vote on an emergency aid package for Israel and Ukraine that repeals the border agreement. This vote may take place later today.

On February 5, the US Senate publicized a $118.28 billion package, of which $60.06 billion is to support Ukraine. The document combines border security policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel and other US allies. Biden called on Congress to "come together and quickly pass this bipartisan deal."

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson said that he had "seen enough" and will not vote on the bill presented in the Senate. He also stated that under this law the United States "won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe."

According to Bloomberg, after a 90-minute meeting on Monday, Republican senators said that the vote scheduled for Wednesday is "too soon".