PM Shmyhal sees shift in issue of unblocking aid to Ukraine after his visit to United States
Denys Shmyhal (Photo: Telegram)

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, following the results of his visit to the United States, announced a shift in the issue of unblocking aid to Ukraine in the American Congress, he reported on Telegram.

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According to the Ukrainian premier, during the visit to the United States, the delegation worked on three key topics: the unblocking of military and financial aid from the United States, American investments in the economy of Ukraine, and the use of frozen assets of the Russian Federation.

"We finally saw a shift in the issue of unblocking aid from the United States. The draft law provides for $61 billion in support of Ukraine. The main part is for military needs. $7.8 billion is budgetary support. More than $1.5 billion is economic aid," Shmyhal noted.

The Congress also allegedly plans to consider a bill on the confiscation of frozen Russian assets for the needs of Ukraine.

"We received assurances of the support of the bills by both parties. We expect that this large aid package from the United States will be voted on in the near future," Shmyhal concluded.

On April 17, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson announced that the vote on the bill on aid to Ukraine will take place on April 20.

The text of the document has appeared: the document provides for the provision of over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine. Part of the assistance will be provided in the form of a loan. The draft law also provides that the American president can provide long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

Biden promises to "immediately" sign the bill on aid to Ukraine and Israel, as soon as the project is approved by American lawmakers.