Russian DM claims "possible involvement" of France in the Crocus City Hall attack. Macron's response
Emmanuel Macron (Photo: ERA/Ali Haider)

French President Emmanuel Macron called Russia's statements on the alleged involvement of Ukraine and France in the attack on the Crocus City Hall "baroque and threatening," in response to the recent telephone conversation between Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu.

In its statement on the conversation, the Russian Defense Ministry claims that "there is information about Ukrainian trace in organizing the terror attack."

"We hope that the French special services weren’t involved in it," the press service quotes Shoigu's words.

Macron reacted, calling Moscow's statements "baroque and threatening."

"It makes no sense and doesn’t fit with reality to say that France could be behind it [the Moscow attack] and that the Ukrainians are behind it. But it’s a manipulation of information, which is part of Russia’s arsenal of warfare today," the French president said.

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