Defense Forces withdraw from Lastochkyne near Avdiivka – Armed Forces of Ukraine
Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military has withdrawn from the village of Lastochkyne near Avdiivka, as reported by Dmytro Lykhoviy, the spokesperson for the Tavria operational-strategic group.

Lykhoviy stated during a national telethon broadcast that the Ukrainian military's retreat from Lastochkyne was essential to organize the defense along the line of Orlivka, Tonenke, and Berdychi villages. The objective is to prevent further advancement of the enemy in the western direction.

Карта: Deepstate
Map: Deepstate

On the evening of February 24, several Telegram channels, citing unnamed Ukrainian military sources allegedly involved in the Avdiivka direction, reported the occupation of Lastochkyne. A similar statement was made by the analytical channel DeepState.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine neither denied nor confirmed the reports but mentioned ongoing combat activities in the area.

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