Lankford: US aid to Ukraine could be finalized in days
James Lankford (Photo: EPA/WILL OLIVER)

The US Congress agreement, tying aid to Ukraine with border security on the Mexico border, may be released this week, according to Republican negotiator Senator James Lankford in an interview with Fox News.

He expressed hope that the deal could emerge this week.

"This deal has to work. Everybody is counting on it to work," Lankford said.

He noted that if the Senate can approve the document in the coming days and send it to the House, they can work to improve it.

"Or the House can take a serious look at it and say: 'Look, this is real progress on the border. Let's take this, put it aside, and then go get more," the politician said.

The senator stressed the need to understand whether the U.S. can secure its borders and deal with migrants.

"Inaction is not an option. It will be better if you do something. Congress needs to pass something," Lankford concluded.

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