Hungarians ‘paying for knife’ Ukrainian soldier’s head was cut off – Zelenskyy’s adviser

13.04.2023, 07:45
Hungarians ‘paying for knife’ Ukrainian soldier’s head was cut off – Zelenskyy’s adviser - Photo
Oleh Ustenko, an economic adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo via Ukraine 30 Forum

New energy deals that Hungary struck with Russia contribute to the latter’s war crimes in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s adviser said on Wednesday.

In an interview with Politico magazine, Oleh Ustenko criticised Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto's recent visit to Moscow, where he renewed the agreement on financing the Pász nuclear power plant and secured an agreement to increase gas supplies from Russia.

"If you’ve seen the video where Russians cut the head off a Ukrainian soldier — the Hungarians are paying for the knife," Mr Ustenko stressed.

Earlier this week, a video appeared on social media of the brutal execution of a Ukrainian serviceman by the Russian military filmed on camera, his head cut off with a knife.

"You have to be completely blind not to see what kinds of crimes you are sponsoring. Buying more gas from the Russians means you are giving them more capacity to escalate the war," he added.

The Ukrainian president’s adviser wants the EU to "put all possible pressure" on Hungary in terms of financial support it receives from Brussels.

"Hungary is receiving financial support from Brussels, so this is a great tool that might be used immediately. They’re doing it at the expense of everyone. They’re trying to get these comparative advantages because they continue to collaborate with the Kremlin regime," Mr Ustenko believes.

Last month, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban said that EU leaders could allegedly send some kind of ‘peacekeeping force’ to Ukraine, without backing up his words.

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