Orban scares Hungarians with "peacekeepers from Europe" for Ukraine despite no such plans
Viktor Orban (Photo: EPA)

The leaders of the EU countries could allegedly send some "peacekeeping forces" to Ukraine, according to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who is known for his pro-Russian statements, local outlet 24HU reports.

According to the official, the question of the alleged sending of peacekeepers to Ukraine by the EU is "becoming more and more legitimate."

"We are now close to the fact that it will become legitimate for European leaders to send some peacekeeping forces to the front. If this continues, we can be on the brink of the Third World War," Orban said.

At the same time, the prime minister did not specify who is discussing it and at what level.

He believes that European leaders do not want to move to the "peace camp" and do not encourage Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. Instead, according to Orban, they seem to be becoming "more and more pro-war" and are transferring more and more "heavy weapons" to Ukraine.

"The West claims that the war and Ukraine should be supported because it is right. But this is not the case. The issue of world war and world peace is at stake," said the Hungarian politician.

Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov reacted to Orban's words. He called his statement a "very important" and "potentially dangerous topic."

On January 26, 2023, the head of the Hungarian government compared Ukraine to Afghanistan and called it a "no man's land". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador of Hungary "for a frank conversation", and one of the commanders in the Armed Forces, a Ukrainian-Hungarian, wrote a message to Orbán.

On February 24, the Hungarian Prime Minister warned the world against "backing Moscow into a corner" on the issue of war. In his opinion, Russia cannot win on the battlefield in Ukraine, but it can allegedly provoke a nuclear war.

On February 27, Orban supported China's "peace plan". The Hungarian opposition called him an agent of the Kremlin.