Propaganda failing to dent Kyiv support as Moscow shifts focus to weakening US resolve
Kaupo Rosin (Photo: Priit Mürk/ERR)

The Russians have not made breakthroughs in trying to undermine military aid to Ukraine, the head of Estonia's foreign intelligence, Kaupo Rosin, reported in a comment to local outlet ERR.

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The partners see attempts to "eliminate" aid to Ukraine all the time – in the European Parliament, alleged agents of Russian influence have been working on this for a long time.

He noted that the Russians are constantly doing such work.

"I haven't observed any major strategic goals. One of the goals that Russia is trying to reach, it's true, is the reduction, or elimination of, support to and for Ukraine. But I don't see any breakthrough success going on here," Rosin said.

The intelligence officer emphasized that Moscow's goal is to create a situation in the United States and other countries in which the will of the people and the state to support Ukraine will be broken in the short term.

"This is certainly an ambition of theirs. Again, whether it succeeds is another question. It would undoubtedly benefit Russia if aid to Ukraine ceased," the foreign intel chief concluded.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden called on Johnson to "immediately" vote on the aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

On February 13, the US Senate approved legislation to provide $60.06 billion in comprehensive assistance to Ukraine, including $7.85 billion in direct budget support.

The measure passed by a vote of 70 to 29 after consideration that began on February 8.

Since Congress still could not approve a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, the United States had to stop supplying ammunition and missiles to the Armed Forces.