House Speaker Johnson admits regularly advising Trump on US border, Ukraine aid issues
Mike Johnson (Photo: EPA/WILL OLIVER)

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, often discusses the issue of border strengthening with former US President Donald Trump. In particular, ABC reports, he consulted with him before yesterday's meeting with the incumbent Joe Biden.

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Johnson is demanding more restrictive reforms in the framework of US border security, despite progress in the Senate on a bipartisan compromise, writes ABC. The speaker said that he discussed this issue with Trump on the eve of the meeting of congressional leaders with Biden.

Trump has spoken out against any deal between Senate negotiators and the Biden administration, and Johnson agreed with him. They discuss it "frequently" and "every few days," he said.

On Thursday, Biden agreed to tougher immigration policies demanded by Republicans to avoid criticism and provide aid to Ukraine.

In response, Trump warned Republicans against concluding an agreement on border policy and aid to Ukraine if they do not receive "everything needed" to stop the flow of migrants to the United States.

"I do not think we should do a Border Deal, at all, unless we get EVERYTHING needed to shut down the INVASION of Millions & Millions of people, many from parts unknown, into our once great, but soon to be great again, Country!," Trump wrote on his social network Truth Social.

On January 12, the representative of the White House, John Kirby, said that the United States had stopped military aid to Ukraine, so Congress should approve a new package to support Kyiv.

US President Joe Biden said that the inaction of Congress endangers the security of the US and NATO, and also called for a faster deal with the border and to approve aid to Ukraine.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, said Thursday that American lawmakers oppose Putin, but the "status quo [in Ukraine] cannot be maintained."