Navy spox confirms Russia's losses on Novocherkassk, hints at more than aggressor admits
Large landing ship "Novocherkassk" (Photo: AFU)

About 80 people could have been on board the large amphibious ship of the Russian army Novocherkassk, which was destroyed by the Ukrainian aviation, said the spokesman of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk, on Radio Liberty.

"Normally, such ships are not left without a crew. Despite the fact that it was in port at the time of the hit, quite a large part of the crew must have been on board. It is somewhere around 80 people. Given the type of this ship, there could also be outsiders, so it definitely could not do without victims," he stated.

According to Pletenchuk's calculations, the number of dead Russians is "many more than Russia claims."

He added that the specific results of the attack on the Russian ship are still being verified, as it is difficult to conduct reconnaissance in the occupied territory.

In the morning, one of the Russian Telegram channels, citing its own sources, wrote that 33 sailors are considered missing as a result of the attack on Novocherkassk.

At the same time, according to the Russians, the total number of people on board reached 77.

The occupation authorities also admitted that they found debris from a long-range Storm Shadow cruise missile at the impact site.

Overnight on December 25-26, the Defense Forces struck the port of temporarily occupied Feodosia, the commander of the Air Force announced the destruction of the large landing ship Novocherkassk. Tactical aviation struck with air-based cruise missiles.

Subsequently, the representative of the Air Force, Yuriy Ihnat, stated that the Russian ship definitely had ammunition on board, probably even Shahed attack drones. That is why, according to him, there was such a strong detonation. He hinted that "more than one Storm Shadow missile" could have been used for the attack.

The Air Force spokesman said that the strike on Novocherkassk destroyed not only the ship itself and the Russian military, but also probably damaged the port infrastructure and support vessels that were nearby.