Top US general warns of 'real threat' of Ukraine losing war if allies fail to provide aid
Pat Ryder (Photo: Pentagon)

The threat of Ukraine's defeat in the war against Russia is real in the event of the termination of military aid to Kyiv, announced Pentagon representative Major General Pat Ryder at a briefing.

At this stage, he prefers not to predict developments on the battlefield, and Ukraine itself has the right to comment on the course of hostilities.

"Clearly, the threat is real. And I think, the fact that Russia continues to demonstrate an intent to fight against Ukraine and to occupy Ukraine and to eliminate Ukraine as a country highlights the fact that this is a serious security threat that is not going to go away," said Ryder.

He noted that the sooner the United States can resume assistance to Ukraine, the better it is not only for Kyiv, but also for the international community.

The lack of funding from Congress has forced Washington to suspend the supply of weapons.

"We will continue to work closely with Congress and urge supplemental funding as soon as possible," he concluded.

On January 4, the White House announced that the United States has run out of money to finance military aid to Ukraine, so Congress must urgently approve a new support package.

US President Joe Biden, during a recent meeting with lawmakers of the House of Representatives and the Senate, tried to describe the situation in Ukraine as concretely as possible, explaining why it is so in need of additional funding, CNN reported.

On January 18, Biden agreed to tougher immigration policies demanded by Republicans to avoid criticism and provide aid to Ukraine.

In response, the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, warned Republicans against concluding an agreement on border policy and aid to Ukraine if they do not receive "everything needed" to stop the flow of migrants to the United States.