New Polish PM Tusk sick of politicians claiming to be fatigued by Ukraine war
Donald Tusk (Photo: EPA, PAWEL SUPERNAK)

The newly elected Prime Minister and head of the Polish government, Donald Tusk, speaking in the Sejm, said that the task of the new Polish government is to demand full determination from the Western allies in helping Ukraine.

"President Zelenskyy is being told firsthand that we are running out of strength. The task of Poland, the new government, is to loudly and firmly demand from the West full determination in helping Ukraine in this war," Tusk said, adding that he would do it "from day one."

He noted that he "has no time for politicians who talk about war fatigue when Ukraine needs support."

Tusk added that he wants to return Poland to the status of a leader in the EU, as well as to become a "reliable ally of the United States."

The Polish prime minister earlier presented the composition of the new government.

On December 8, 2023, Tusk promised to solve the problem of the blockade of the border between Poland and Ukraine after heading the government.

In the evening of December 11, the Sejm of Poland elected Tusk as prime minister.