It will be more difficult for Russia to organize a large-scale blackout this winter -intel
Vadim Skibitsky (Photo: screenshot from the video)

It will be more difficult for Russia to organize a blackout this winter, Vadym Skibitsky, deputy head of the Ukraine's Defense Intelligence, told CNN.

In 2022, Ukrainian air defense capabilities were limited, and therefore Russia was able to easily strike the energy system.

This year it will be more difficult for the Russian military to attack critical infrastructure.

"The Russians can use a combination of missile weapons and attack UAVs. It will definitely not be such primitive attacks as last year. It will be difficult for the Russians to achieve a result – we are also preparing and understand how they operate," said Skibitsky.

Military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov recently said that Ukraine is developing a program of "deterrence and retaliation" to counter the expected Russian campaign of striking energy infrastructure facilities in the fall and winter.

The Ministry of Energy believes that Russia will resume attacks on energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather.

Earlier, the mass media began spreading information about the use of electricity blackout schedules in Ukraine. The Ministry of Energy refuted these reports and stated that no shutdowns are planned.