Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin launches €16 billion projects
Yuliia Svyridenko (Photo: Ministry of Economy)

The Ukraine Recovery Conference held on June 11-12 in Berlin initiated projects totaling over €16 billion, according to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yuliia Svyrydenko, who led the government delegation at the conference, stated that the event served as a platform for aligning visions for Ukraine's reconstruction.

"We conclude the conference with agreements, memoranda, and contracts across various sectors. Primarily, these are agreements in the energy sector. We have several companies ready to enter the Ukrainian market and help build 1 GW of generating capacity," she said.

During the conference, the following agreements were signed and the following support was announced:

→ Guarantee and grant agreements under the Ukraine Facility investment component — €1.4 billion;

→ Energy support package from the United States — $824 million;

→ Launch of the SME Resilience Alliance for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine — commitments totaling €7 billion;

→ Skills Alliance retraining program — over €700 million;

→ Additional funding for humanitarian demining — $35 million;

→ 14 agreements between Ukrainian, German, and international business partners — over €560 million;

→ Risk insurance agreements — more than $350 million.

According to Svyrydenko, 110 international agreements were signed during the conference. Additionally, the Ministry of Economy presented an investment guide at the conference, which included 95 projects requiring approximately $27 billion in funding.

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