Ukrenergo warns of fakes about planned power outages
Power line supports (Photo: Yevhen Pylypenko/

The national energy company "Ukrenergo" stated that there will be no rolling blackouts unless the Russian military starts attacking Ukrainian infrastructure again.

Energy experts note that a number of media and Telegram channels have started using last year's stories and videos, claiming that rotating outages are being implemented in Ukraine, which is false.
No restrictions are planned in the near future, unless the Russian forces resume attacks on the energy system.
"The instigators of artificial panic have started to take advantage of the fact that now is the anniversary of the beginning of mass attacks. They use last year's videos and texts, repeat some stories by supplementing them with additional lies, and pass them off as fresh messages. Don't fall for them," the message says.
Ukrenergo writes that today there is enough electricity to cover all the needs of consumers, and the state of the power system does not give grounds to initiate shutdowns.
"The purpose of these fake messages is to sow panic, mistrust, and exhaust Ukrainians," the company said.

Defense Intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov recently said that Ukraine is developing a program of "deterrence and retaliation" to counter the expected Russian campaign of attacks on energy infrastructure facilities in the fall and winter.

The Ministry of Energy believes that Russia may resume attacks on energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather.
Earlier, the mass media began dispersing information about the implementation of electricity blackout schedules in Ukraine from October 1. The Ministry of Energy called these reports erroneous and stated that no shutdowns are planned at this stage.