Ukraine's Defense Minister "100% confident" that Armed Forces can liberate Crimea in 2024
Rustem Umyerov (Photo: Valentina Polishchuk/

Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said that he is confident in the possibility of liberating the temporarily occupied Crimea next year, he told Bild in an interview.

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According to him, he is "100% sure" that the peninsula can be liberated in 2024.

"This is our strategic goal. Russia is on the dark side of the world. And more importantly, the Putin regime is condemned by the entire civilized world. There is no doubt that we will win," Umerov said.

He also stated that he has no doubt that the US will continue to support Ukraine.

"I don't think the US is leaving. Both parties in Congress have supported Ukraine. They realize that the forces of evil want to change the world order. They give us confidence that we will be able to stick to our plans," the head of the department emphasized.

On the morning of December 5, drones of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine struck the "Marine Oil Terminal" in Feodosia, which was used by the occupation forces.

The same morning, in the Bagerovo area, 13 kilometers from Kerch, of the Security Service of Ukraine drones hit the Russian Nebo-M radar, hit the helicopter parking lot and the P-18 Terek radar system.

"Couldn't rely on Musk." The Security Service of Ukraine spoke about the drone that attacked the Crimean Bridge.