Ukraine set to receive full shipment of advanced US-made Vampire systems in December
Vampire Complex (Photo: US Naval Forces Command)

The US Naval Air Systems Command announced that in December, Ukraine will receive all 14 units of the Vampire anti-drone systems promised by the Department of Defense.

The development, production and delivery of the systems are being carried out in the shortest possible time under the leadership of the PMA-242 contingency operations team for the Direct and Time Sensitive Strike program office of the US Navy.

"We delivered the first four systems in only six months by leveraging an innovative contracting strategy and working diligently to keep pace with the system’s rapid development," said Kevin Raspet, PMA-242 foreign military sales deputy program manager.

The first APKWS rocket equipped with a contactless detonator should arrive with the new batch of Vampires, which will happen in the coming weeks.

REFERENCE. Field testing of the Vampire mobile system began in 2021. The guided weapons system of the anti-aircraft complex integrates the WESCAM MX-10 optical-electronic system with thermal imaging and television cameras, which is responsible for identifying targets and guiding and launching four 70 mm guided rockets. The basis of the complex is a guided 70-mm APKWS rocket manufactured by BAE Systems. It is equipped with a remote detonator for intercepting air targets. The first Vampires were included in the US military package for Ukraine in July 2023.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden appealed to Congress to approve additional funding for assistance to the Armed Forces. He emphasized that Putin will go further if he is not stopped in Ukraine – and then the American military will have to fight with the Russians.

The US Senate did not consider a new package of military aid to Ukraine on Wednesday, as 51 senators voted against ending the debate on the document.