EU representative: Ukraine has the right to defend itself, while Russia is spreading lies
Peter Stano (Screenshot from the video)

Top Russian propagandists from TASS asked Peter Stano, a spokesman for EU foreign policy, whether the EU supports Ukrainian military strikes on the Russian city of Belgorod. He replied that Ukraine has a legitimate right to defend itself against aggression and that Russia "constantly lies".

"In general, Ukraine has every legitimate right to defend itself against Russian aggression," Stano said.

Puppets of the Kremlin claimed in their conversation with him that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly used cluster munitions and multiple launch rocket systems during the attack on Belgorod, which were "handed to them by European partners".

In response, Stano said that Brussels does not trust any information from Russia about the shelling of Belgorod.

"As for the specific incident in Belgorod, no information coming from Russia can be considered trustworthy," Stano said, accusing Russia of "constant lies, manipulation and propaganda."

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