State Department responds to idea of US troops in Ukraine: Biden rules out such scenario
Illustrative photo: Zsolt Czegledi / EPA

US President Joe Biden "has made it clear" that he will not send the American soldiers to fight in Ukraine, said the spokesman of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, during a briefing.

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Earlier, the leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, said that if Ukraine "falls", the United States will probably have to intervene in the war "not only with American money, but also with the military."

The journalist asked if there was really a chance that such an intervention was a "real option".

"I'm not going to comment on statements made by members of Congress. The president has made clear he will not transport US troops to fight in Ukraine," the State Department spokesman said.

The issue of the use of foreign troops in Ukraine was unexpectedly brought up by French President Emmanuel Macron: since the end of February, he began to say that he does not rule out the possibility of using foreign troops in Ukraine. In March, the French leader said that only Russia would be to blame if his country decided to send soldiers to Ukraine. Later, he explained that his words should give Europe a new impetus to accelerate aid to Ukraine.

Most European countries reject the possibility that their troops will actually enter Ukraine, but, for example, Poland has also begun to say that it will not reveal its plans, touching on the issue of a possible deployment of troops to Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy assumes that the changes in Macron's rhetoric are connected with the awareness of dictator Putin's lies.