Ukrainian military drone delivery to soar 'many times' higher in December, government vows
Ivan Havryliuk (Photo: ArmyInform)

The Ministry of Defense promised that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive "many times" more drones in December than in November, reported the deputy head of the ministry, Ivan Havryliuk, in an interview with ArmyInform.

According to him, the military has been receiving more UAVs of various types in recent months.

"It should be understood that due to the intensity of hostilities in certain areas, UAVs, especially of the tactical level, are essentially expendable. The stock needs to be replenished almost continuously, like shells. In November, we managed to send more UAVs to the troops than in the previous month "We received an additional resource for procurement. Therefore, in December, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive several times more drones," Havryliuk said.

He expressed hope that the increase in the number of drones will change the situation on the battlefield.

"It is important to add that it is necessary to scale up not only the production of UAVs, but also the production of electronic warfare equipment. We are increasingly stimulating the activation of domestic production of this equipment. Currently, maximum efforts and possible financial resources are being set aside for this," the official said.

Havryliuk emphasized that today the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate about 70 modifications of UAVs and more than 20 different types of ammunition for them.

In September, the Ukrainian-made Ironclad unmanned robot was tested on the front lines: it has a turret, thermal imaging camera, armored shell and can accelerate up to 20 km/h.

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov has promised more Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian vessels as Ukraine's drone production has increased more than 100 times in 2023 compared to 2022.

Ukraine is developing its analogue of the Russian kamikaze drone Lancet, which is called "Perun". According to the Digital Transformation Minister Fedorov, there are manufacturers who have designed such a product.