UK believes Russia staged drone attack on Kremlin – report

04.05.2023, 12:01
UK believes Russia staged drone attack on Kremlin – report - Photo
The Kremlin allegedly under a drone attack, a video grab

Ukraine did not benefit from the drone attack on the Kremlin, while Russia had every motive to stage such a provocation, a senior UK defence official told a Sky News correspondent.

Russia on Wednesday blamed Ukraine for attempting to assassinate Vladimir Putin by launching two drones on his Moscow residence, something that Kyiv vehemently denied.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that there was no "military advantage" for Ukraine to carry out the attack.

"Anything is possible but there is no benefit to Ukraine doing it, there is no military advantage, everyone knows Putin doesn't stay in the Kremlin," the source said.

"And the motives are all really in Russia’s favour – the public to rally round; excuse for more random and reckless bombardments; trying to gain sympathy for Russia over Ukraine."

Earlier, the spokesperson for Ukraine’s president stressed that the presidential office had "no information" about the so-called night attacks on the Kremlin.

"As president Zelenskyy has repeatedly stated, Ukraine directs all its forces and resources to the liberation of its own territories, not to attacking foreign ones," Sergii Nykyforov said.

The White House said that it could not confirm who had carried out the "attack" on the Kremlin, stressing it does not encourage Ukraine's strikes against Russia.

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