Local authorities warn of potential air pollution risk in Zvyahel after recent Russian drone attack
Illustrative photo: Alexander Gusev / Pacific Press

At night, the Russian military attacked the infrastructure facility of the Zvyahel territorial community of Zhytomyr Oblast. There is a direct threat of air pollution, the city council reported.

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"Tonight, Russia struck an infrastructure object of the community... Currently there is a direct threat of air pollution, so it is recommended to stay indoors with closed windows," the local authorities wrote.

In particular, the local Commission for Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergency Situations made a decision regarding distance learning in secondary education institutions.

Regular groups will work in preschool education institutions for parents who have no one to leave their children with, the city council noted.

The authorities urged locals to monitor the situation and official reports.

As a result of the Russian night attack, there were no civilian casualties in the city.

Ukrainian defenders shot down 17 out of 24 Shahed kamikaze drones and a Kh-59 missile that the Russian forces launched at night.

The Southern Defense Forces reported the downing of seven drones in their area of responsibility.

There are hits in Odesa Oblast and damage, and debris from a downed drone damaged a gas station. There are no casualties.