ZSU test advanced drones in combat, secured at secret bases – Ukraine's minister
Oleksandr Kamyshin (Screenshot)

The Ukrainian military lacks the time to test the latest domestically produced drones and is therefore testing them in combat against Russian forces, as revealed in an interview with The Time by Oleksandr Kamyshin, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine.

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In 2023, Ukraine invested about $1 billion in its domestic drone production program and aims to double this figure in the current year, according to the minister.

Kamyshin noted that over 200 Ukrainian companies, ranging from startups to large Soviet-era enterprises, are currently producing drones for the military.

He explained that the Defense Forces do not have the luxury of time to test drones, necessitating their evaluation during combat.

These drones are meticulously guarded at secret military bases in Ukraine. They are launched at night towards strategic targets in Russia. Kamyshin added that in addition to military personnel, a few civilian engineers also have access to the drone launches.

Ukraine is exploring other ways to enhance its military capabilities. For instance, instead of seeking the most advanced technologies from Western partners, they are looking to modify the configuration of weapons that the U.S. no longer plans to use.

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