Challenger 2 tank training in UK over, Brits ‘hugely impressed’ with Ukrainians' competence
A Challenger 2 tank. Photo via EPA

Members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completed training on Challenger 2 combat vehicles in the United Kingdom, its Ministry of Defence announced on Monday.

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Ukrainian crews already returned to Ukraine after the training, and the British tanks are expected to be used in the upcoming offensive, The Guardian reports.

The UK announced the donation of fourteen Challenger 2 tanks in early February, becoming the first nation to have offered Ukraine modern equipment of that kind.

According to UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace, after several weeks of training Ukrainian soldiers "return to their homeland better equipped, but to no less danger".

The training included instructions how to command, drive and work together as a Challenger 2 tank crew and effectively identify and engage targets.

UK Lieutenant Colonel John Stone, who oversaw the training mission, said that the British military "have all been hugely impressed with the level of competence displayed".

"[We] have no doubt that our friends will use the Challenger 2 tanks most effectively in the battles to come as they fight to defend their homeland," he added.

The UK’s Defence Ministry described the Challenger 2 vehicles as a "step change in capability" for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Last week, the UK also announced the transfer to Ukraine of depleted uranium munitions, which led Russia to falsely claim that the West was going for ‘nuclear escalation’ in its support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.