Zelenskyy optimistic but uninformed on potential Ukraine war discussions at Biden-Xi talks
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping (Photo: EPA, Li Xhueren)

The meeting of US President Joe Biden with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco is "good" for Ukraine, despite the fact that it was not confirmed whether the two heads of state touched on the topic of war, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said, according to the French newspaper 20 minutes .

"We understand that their meeting is good for us," the Ukrainian leader said.

Zelenskyy added that he could not confirm that the leaders of the United States and China had discussed the war in Ukraine, but said that the Russian invasion should have been "addressed one way or another during the negotiations between the leaders of the superpowers."

At the same time, after Biden's talks with Xi, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning stated that Beijing will not change its position on Russia's war against Ukraine even after the meeting between the leaders of the United States and China.

Biden said he agreed to renew military contacts with China in talks with Xi.

Xi promised Biden that China would not attack Taiwan in the "coming years."