Russia suffered a massive overnight attack by drones, and the cities where the military airfields of the Russian army are located were under attack, reported local propaganda outlets controlled by the Kremlin.

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Initially, the explosions were heard in Morozovsk of Rostov Oblast and Yeysk of Krasnodar Krai. In the first city, problems with electricity were observed.

Locals reported several hits and strikes on airfields.

OSINT researcher MT Anderson wrote that on April 4, 24 Su-34 fighters and three Su-35 aircraft were located at the air base in Morozovsk, which dropped guided aerial bombs on Ukrainian positions.

Аеродром у Морозовську 4 квітня (Фото: MT Anderson/X)
Airport in Morozovsk on April 4 (Photo: MT Anderson/X)

The Russians noted that the drones flew very low, and the radars failed to see them.

Later, explosions were heard in Engels, Saratov Oblast, where the strategic aviation of the aggressor state is based.

On the evening of April 4, a series of explosions rang out in Kursk, Russia, followed by fires. Local Telegram channels and Governor Roman Starovoit said that the city was attacked by drones.

In September 2023, it became known that Russia had begun placing tires on the Tu-95MS at Engels, hoping that they would protect them from Ukrainian kamikaze drones, or munitions-dropping drones, as was the case in the attack on the Pskov airfield.

At the beginning of 2023, after the first attacks on the Engels airfield, protective barriers appeared there.

At the beginning of fall, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence admitted that the Engels and Diagilevo airfields were attacked by old Soviet Tu-141 "Stryzh" drones.