Volunteers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), the Free Russian Legion and the Siberian Battalion launched a joint operation on the territory of the Russian Federation and entered Belgorod Oblast, according to online reports. The former member of the State Duma of Russia, Ilya Ponomarev, who resides in Ukraine, was the first to publish this information.

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According to him, the rebels took control of the border village of Lozovaya Rudka in Belgorod Oblast.

Small arms combat is also reportedly underway in Tyotkino, Kursk Oblast.

In Russian public places, a video of the passing of the tanks, which was filmed by local residents, is posted.

The Free Russia Legion confirmed the operation at the border and said that in this way its fighters "are going to the elections" in the Russian Federation.

"Russians will vote for whom they want, not for whom they have," said a representative of the unit.

The Legion also claimed that they crossed the border with Russia on tanks.

In a comment to LIGA.net, the representative of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Andriy Yusov said that probably the opponents of the regime in the Kremlin are conducting joint "events".

"On the territory of the Russian Federation, these structures operate autonomously, the citizens of Russia who are part of them, after all, are in their homeland," said Yusov.

In April 2023, at the request of LIGA.net, the General Staff reported that the RDK is not part of the Armed Forces. However, according to LIGA.net's intelligence source, the activities of both the RDK and the Free Russia Legion are managed by the DIU.

On September 6, the RDK announced a new raid on the territory of the Russian Federation and the elimination of at least one Facebook user.

On October 31, the RDK announced that its fighters are now fighting near Avdiivka: they are participating in assaults on the lines of fortifications of the Russian troops in the area of the coke plant.