Romania augments air defense capabilities along Danube border region – Reuters
Kilia from the Romanian side (screenshot)

Romania is redeploying air defense forces to protect villages in the Danube basin near the Ukrainian border, reinforcing them with new observation posts and patrols, reported Reuters with reference to two high-ranking sources in the army.

These measures, along with the deployment of four F-16 aircraft and the introduction of a no-fly zone in the region, are a "sign of growing concern" by Romania and other NATO members that Russia's war against Ukraine could spill over into its territory due to the possible flight of drones and missiles. across the Danube, the agency writes.

Two anonymous sources told Reuters that separate incidents of "drone parts" falling on Romanian territory highlighted "the risk of a misunderstanding, or worse, between Russia and NATO." This prompted the Romanian armed forces to increase security in the region to protect the civilian population.

Currently, the Romanian army has built two bomb shelters in the village of Plauru, located a few hundred meters from the Ukrainian town of Izmail.

Local residents began to receive notifications on their mobile phones about the detection of Russian UAVs.

On September 4, 2023, Ukraine reported that Russian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones fell and detonated on the territory of Romania overnight in the area of the Izmail port. This was confirmed by the State Border Guard Service.

More than once, wreckage of drones was found in Romania.

The Secretary General of NATO stated that the fall of Shaheds in Romania was not a "deliberate attack" .

On September 15, the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff of Romania stated that the country is ready to shoot down Russian drones.

On September 22, the President of Romania said that the fall of Russian drones on the territory of his country is a "real problem".