40% of EU decisions on Ukraine blocked by Hungary – Lithuanian FM
Gabrielus Landsbergis (Photo: EPA)

41% of all EU decisions on Ukraine are blocked by Hungary, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said.

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According to Landsbergis, allies need to be honest about Hungary's position, which has repeatedly vetoed EU decisions on Ukraine.

The Lithuanian diplomat highlighted several examples of Hungary's actions, including blocking assistance to Kyiv from the European Peace Facility and obstructing negotiations on Ukraine's EU membership.

He said that Budapest is currently systematically trying to influence important decisions made within the bloc.

Landsbergis believes that European leaders should discuss and counter Hungary's behavior.

"My position on this is to come out and say: 'Look at what's happening; this is not something unique to what we're seeing now.' If you look at it systematically, it is a very long list; it is already a history of hindering Europe's ability to act," the Lithuanian foreign minister said.

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