Hungary looking to 'redefine' its NATO membership – PM Orbán
Viktor Orban (Photo: EPA)

Hungary is working on "redefining" its membership in NATO, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on state radio, reports Bloomberg.

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Hungarian military officials and lawyers are already working on creating a new concept that would distinguish the country from other NATO members.

"Our lawyers and officers are hard at work to see how Hungary can maintain its NATO membership in a way that it wouldn’t have to take part in NATO actions outside of NATO territory," Orbán stated.

The Bloomberg article notes that the Hungarian premier's statement was made at a time when the Alliance is preparing a package of support for Ukraine to present at the July summit in Washington. According to journalists, these measures may include strengthening the role of NATO at the operational level in coordinating the supply of weapons and training for the Ukrainian military.

From the end of February 2024, French President Emmanuel Macron somewhat unexpectedly started saying that he does not rule out the possibility of using foreign troops in Ukraine. On March 14, he said that only Russia will be to blame if France does decide to send soldiers to Ukraine.

He later explained that his words should give Europe a new impetus to accelerate aid to Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy assumes that the changes in Macron's rhetoric are connected with the realization of the lies of Vladimir Putin.

On April 21, Orban said that Western countries are allegedly "one step away from sending troops to Ukraine."