Canada allows use of its weapons for strikes on targets in Russia
Mélanie Joly (Photo: Mélanie Joly/Instagram)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are permitted to use weaponry supplied by Canada to strike military targets on Russian territory, as Ottawa has not imposed any conditions on Kyiv, Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly announced during a press conference with her Swedish counterpart Tobias Billström.

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According to Joly, the issue of granting this permission is important for Canada. She noted that she had spoken with the Swedish Foreign Minister about lifting restrictions on Ukraine's ability to hit targets in Russia with allied weapons.

"And in Canada, there are no conditions for supplying weapons to Ukraine, so we will continue to work with the Armed Forces of Ukraine," she said.

The Canadian minister believes her country should be at the forefront of this issue because Russia has no "red lines" in the war. She said that Ottawa is ready to continue supporting Ukraine and demonstrate that Canada stands by its side.

She added that her country would discuss the issue with other NATO allies at upcoming meetings.

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