Emergency power outages in Kyiv and the region. 100,000 consumers without electricity
Energy (Photo: Pixabay)

Today, a system failure occurred in Kyiv's power system, leaving 100,000 people without electricity, reported energy company DTEK and the Kyiv City Military Administration .

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As noted, an emergency situation arose in the networks of NPC Ukrenergo.

"100,000 consumers have been disconnected in Kyiv. The reason and terms of liquidation of the emergency situation are being specified," the Kyiv authorities reported.

DTEK clarified that in parts of Shevchenkivskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Solomyanskyi, Holosiyivskyi and Podilskyi districts, emergency shutdowns are taking place by order of Ukrenergo.

"Outages are applied due to a system breakdown in the power system. We will inform you additionally about the time of restoration of power supply," DTEK reported.

LIGA.net sources in Irpin report that the city is almost completely without power.

Ukrenergo reported that there were complications in the high-voltage networks of the central region.

"The dispatch center of Ukrenergo applied emergency shutdowns in some districts of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, the liquidation of the consequences of the emergency situation continues," the message says.

As noted, repair crews are already working to restore the power supply. The time of restoration of the power supply will be reported additionally.

On a number of electric transport routes in the capital, traffic is temporarily delayed due to the lack of contact network voltage, the Kyiv city administration reported.

As of 11:20 a.m., emergency shutdowns had been canceled in the region. All consumers have power, reported DTEK.

In Irpin, according to LIGA.net sources, electricity has not yet been restored.