3rd Brigade: High-level Russian officers leading assault near Avdiivka with loss ratio of 1/10
A soldier of the Armed Forces (Photo: 3rd Assault Brigade/Facebook)

In the Avdiivka area, the casualty ratio between the Ukrainian defense forces and the Russian army is one to ten, and sometimes even more, according to Oleksandr Borodin, a representative of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, during a national telethon.

He said that today's combat cannot be compared to the defense of Avdiivka. Still, the Russians are trying to understand the weak points of the Ukrainian defense, disembarking from vehicles, and attempting to approach, but without success.

"They constantly lose equipment and personnel but do not give up attempts. There is daily activity. There is extensive use of artillery and FPV drones. Planes are flying, but there are fewer guided aerial bombs now. There are opportunities to shoot down these planes, so they work more precisely," Borodin said.

He stated that the enemy is cohesive and well-trained.

"They have strength, they are not prisoners or inexperienced conscripts. They are well-equipped and have fire support. They do not spare equipment or infantry. Officers and planning in Russia are at quite a high level, their attitude towards infantry is part of the formula, but towards other types of troops, it is different," the 3rd Assault Brigade representative said.

The military added that for every occupant killed, there are four to five wounded.

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