"There's still plenty of room at sea": ZSU showcase graveyard of Russian fleet – map
Tsezar Kunikov (BDK-64), 2015 (Photo: EPA)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have transformed the Black Sea into a graveyard for the Russian fleet by destroying 13 Russian ships, according to the Centre for Strategic Communications StratCom.

"The Black Sea has become a graveyard for the Russian fleet," the military stated.

The StratCom has gathered information on the approximate locations of the sinking and damage of the occupiers' ships.

Інфографіка: СтратКом ЗСУ
Infographics: StratCom of the ZSU

The map shows where 13 ships were sunk and 22 were damaged.

"There's still plenty of room at sea," the military said.

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