Pentagon pleads for Congressional help as US shell shipments to Ukraine reportedly decline
Sabrina Singh (Photo: Pentagon)

The Pentagon refused to confirm the alleged reduction in the supply of artillery rounds to Ukraine, and insisted on the adoption of new aid by Congress, said the Deputy Press Secretary of the US Ministry of Defense, Sabrina Singh, at a briefing.

Earlier, the ABC News channel, with reference to an unnamed Ukrainian official, wrote that the supply of 155 mm shells was reduced by 30% after the escalation of the war in Israel.

"They (U.S. officials) were telling us it wouldn’t influence the commitments (from the United States), but it did," said the source of the ABC journalists.

Singh said she would "push back on that assertion".

"We have been able to supply Ukraine with what it needs during its counter-offensive, and we will continue to supply Ukraine with what it needs as it heads -- as we head into winter. We are able to do that and we're able to support Israel in what it needs to defend itself in its war with Hamas. We feel confident we can do both, and we're going to continue to do both, but let me just take this as a moment to reiterate that we need Congress's help," the official stated.

However, Singh admittted that the only way to continue supporting Ukraine is for Congress to approve a new military aid package.

At the end of October 2023, the Pentagon chief, Lloyd Austin, requested $44 billion to support Ukraine.

According to an Ipsos poll conducted in mid-November, 41% of Americans support providing arms to Ukraine, which is 10% more than support for providing arms to Israel.

US congressional leaders hope to pass the military aid package for Ukraine before  Christmas, according to NBC News.