Bakhmut direction: Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate Kadyrov's Akhmat unit
Ilya Yevlash (Photo: Instagram)

In an attempt to regain its lost position in the Bakhmut direction, Russia is employing assault groups that are trying to penetrate the Ukrainian defense under the cover of artillery and drones.

However, the enemy is unsuccessful and retreats with heavy losses. In particular, the Akhmat special forces group was destroyed. This was reported to by the head of the press service of the Khortytsia operational-strategic group, Illia Yevlash.

Ukrainian military personnel detect enemy groups during deployment, subjecting them to powerful artillery strikes and drone attacks.

"Recently, a group identified as Akhmat was observed on this front, advancing in one of such assault units. They were landed in the middle of a field, and after that, they came under intense mortar and artillery bombardment. The entire group was annihilated," stated Yevlash.

The spokesperson also said that the Russians are employing the tactic of small assault groups of up to 10 (sometimes up to 20) people, constantly maintaining the intensity of the offensive. 80% of their composition is destroyed. The occupiers may spend up to three days on recovery.

In an attempt to minimize losses, the Russian forces utilize heavy equipment at a distance of three to four kilometers, as Ukrainian drones actively operate. Approximately 60% of Russian equipment is lost during a parachute drop, prompting infantry to proceed on foot. It is precisely during this time that Ukrainian mortar teams and artillery units ambush them on the approaches, stated Yevlash.

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